Bishops Lament the Actions of Jorge Bergoglio Yet Still Accept Him as Pope

Cardinal Raymond Burke laments the actions of Jorge Bergoglio.  Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano laments the actions of Jorge Bergoglio.  Bishop Athanasius Schneider laments the actions of Jorge Bergoglio.  Nevertheless, they all still accept him as pope.  My friends, what is it going to take for these bishops, the majority of the bishops and priests, and the majority of the faithful to realize that Jorge Bergoglio is a public manifest formal heretic?  What is it going to take for them to realize that Benedict XVI is still pope?  Our Lord has given us so many signs that Jorge Bergoglio is not and never was pope, but excuses keep getting made to defend him as pope.  Even the Catholic Resistance bishops, priests, and faithful are doing the same.  I am starting to question whether Jorge Bergoglio conducting a public black Mass would suffice for them to change their position.  I have no doubt, however, that Our Lord is not happy.  If you think that the punishment currently upon us (i.e., coronavirus hype) is not partially because of the refusal to renounce submission to Jorge Bergoglio as pope, think again.  We must stop appealing to Jorge Bergoglio for anything.  He has no jurisdiction as pope.  Rather, he is an enemy of the Catholic Church and hence of Jesus Christ and Our Immaculate Mother.  Let us acknowledge him as such and then perhaps Our Lord will alleviate our current suffering.

1 thought on “Bishops Lament the Actions of Jorge Bergoglio Yet Still Accept Him as Pope”

  1. Antipope bergoglio is an ENEMY TO ALL MANKIND because his father is satan.

    One is either following GOD and HIS WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE, or one is following satan.

    The celebrity clergy such as B. Athanasius Schneider, Cardinal Burke, and all those who look up to them because they throw a scrap of Catholicism and correction here and there, do not properly discern that these ministers of JESUS CHRIST do not teach the foremost truth, and they do not fulfill their duty to lead souls to heaven by sounding the alarm that bergoglio is a public manifest formal heretic, and they fail to sound the alarm that all must avoid jorge bergoglio like the corona virus that he is.

    Even traditional priests who were formerly of sound mind and right reason are now praising these poor excuses for Catholic Hollywood type hierarchy because they keep themselves ever in the limelight while failing to teach Catholics that schism from the one and only true Pope Benedict XVI is the possibility as all Catholics must recognize that Pope Benedict remains the sole holder of the Petrine office .

    What a disgrace as our LORD JESUS CHRIST is continuously crucified by counterfeit jorge bergoglio in his counterfeit reign of terror and destruction to the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH of all times.


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