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  1. Not only is this right reason and sound judgement, but it is also warns against what many conciliar Catholics have been programmed to believe from their programmers who are their priests in their midst. Their minds have been so controlled by these wolves in shepherd’s clothing, that it is near to impossible to even speak truth to them any longer.

    We have also been noticing for some time now that this is no different in the case of Traditional Catholics who are being misled by their priests to believe that antichrist ANTIPOPE jorge bergoglio is the true pope.

    These Catholics follow their priests. Instead of analyzing the evidence, they parrot their priest, pat themselves on the back while calling other Catholics despicable names (again mainly following their priest/leader), and they carry on in pride that they are in command of the truth while they actually reject theTruth that Pope Benedict XVI remains the pope; and they fall prey to their priests because they let their emotions and feelings control them rather than follow the evidence that leads to the TRUTH.

    “The group mind does not think in the strict sense of the word. In place of thoughts , it [the group mind] has impulses, habits, emotions. In making up its mind, its first impulse is usually to follow the example of a trusted leader”. [This is a quote from Edward Bernay’s 1928 book named PROPAGANDA about how vital “propaganda” ( brainwashing ) is to the winning of the war for the minds of people.]

    Pope Saint Pius X said this: “The primary duty of charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas.”

    In addition, if a Catholic believes that all religions are equal and therefore all religions, as bergoglio teaches, “are willed by god”, it is vital for the salvation of one’s soul to know that jorge bergoglio’s “god”
    is none other than satan.

    Antipope bergoglio has been placed as the leader/antichrist of the one world religion, and HE IS THE INSTRUMENT OF THE FREEMASONS who plotted and planned and facilitated his usurpation of the ministry of the pope. This is the result of their well known and fully accomplished Freemasonic plot and plan that Catholics have been repeatedly warned about in GOD’S GRACIOUS MERCY THROUGH PROPHECIES, APPARITIONS BY OUR PRECIOUS BLESSED MOTHER MARY, THE BIBLE, etc.

    In conclusion, as Catholics reject the TRUTH that Benedict remains the pope, they are clearly in peril of believing satan and his instrument jorge bergoglio. This parallels what GOD has left us in the account of the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve, who also believed the serpent/satan.


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