No Pure Virus Has Been Isolated – Dr. Andrew Kaufman

In a section of the video linked below, Andrew Kaufman, M.D., explains that no pure virus has been isolated in the coronavirus hoax, let alone been proven to cause the so-called COVID-19 disease.  Did you read that?  No pure virus has been isolated; rather, some genetic material is taken from a sample of a sick person, partially gene sequenced, and then claimed to be within the coronavirus family based on the degree of similarity between the partial gene sequence and other coronaviruses.  However, in order for us to certainly know what we are dealing with, a pure virus needs to be isolated and then fully gene sequenced.  After this is done, experiments need to be conducted to determine whether this pure virus truly causes the symptoms of the so-called COVID-19 disease.  In other words, Koch’s postulates must be fulfilled.  Dr. Andrew Kaufman uses a walnut tree analogy to help us understand what needs to be done vs. what has been done.  What has been done gives us very little evidence to justify the level of controls and the testing put in place for this event.

The video will automatically start and stop at the relevant section after clicking the “Play” button. The section is 4 minutes long.

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