Louis Alphonse de Bourbon: Legitimist to the French Throne?

Many monarchists hold that Louis Alphonse de Bourbon is the current legitimate successor of King Louis XVI to the French throne.  However, this could be reasonably argued against.  If you watch the following video, there are three lines of succession claiming to be the current candidates:  Legitimist, Orleanist, and Bonapartiste.

According to Marie Julie Jahenny, Our Lord was not happy with the Orleanist line.  See the September 6, 1890 vision in this link.

The Bonapartiste line can reasonably be eliminated because Napoleon Bonaparte was no friend of the Catholic Church.  He imprisoned Pope Pius VII.

In regards to the Legitimist line, Louis Alphonse de Bourbon does come from the line of King Louis XIV through King Philip V.  However, King Philip V renounced his claim to the French throne for himself and for all of his successors.  Therefore, historically speaking, Louis Alphonse de Bourbon has no claim to the French throne today.

Now, the son of King Louis XVI died.  Henry V also died.  This is stated in the blue portion of the video below.  Where does that leave us regarding the line from which will come the Great Monarch?  I am tending more and more that the answer lies hidden in the prophecies of Marie Julie Jahenny, that is, that Henry V will be raised from the dead and be the Great Monarch.  See this post for more information.


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