Union des Cercles Légitimistes de France

The following website is run by a group that wants to restore the traditional French monarchy:


This is a laudable effort.  However, I do not agree with the group’s position that Louis Alphonse de Bourbon (also known as Louis XX) is the current legitimate claimant to the French throne.  I stated the following in this post:

“Louis Alphonse de Bourbon does come from the line of King Louis XIV through King Philip V.  However, King Philip V renounced his claim to the French throne for himself and for all of his successors.  Therefore, historically speaking, Louis Alphonse de Bourbon has no claim to the French throne today.”

A Wikipedia page states the following:

“In the Treaty of Utrecht that ended the war, Philip finally agreed to renounce for himself and his descendants, his rights to the French throne only after the introduction of semi-Salic law in Spain.”

Now it is understandable that given that the elder branch of the Bourbon family actually died off with the death of Henry V, Count of Chambord, the younger branch would claim the right to the throne despite a previous renunciation.  However, this is where God’s Providence will be brought to light when He raises Henry V from the dead and gives him the title of the Great Catholic Monarch.

Union des Cercles Légitimistes de France recognizes Henri V as a legitimate claimant to the French throne.

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