New Traditional Catholic Homeschool Available (Grades 9 – 12)

From Dean Loew, Director of Angelic Doctor Academy:

“We would like to introduce Angelic Doctor Academy<>, a Traditional Catholic homeschool with a solid Catholic high school curriculum (lower grades coming soon).   We have written many of our own Catholic textbooks<> which are designed to lay out the concepts in an orderly way, while avoiding liberalism and modern errors.  So much of the typical Catholic curricula available use inferior and problematic materials.

“We also offer something very unique – a grading system which grades all the coursework – including the weekly / daily exercises!  Busy parents appreciate that, as well as our “at a glance” academic reports which keep them informed of their students’ progress at all times.

“We are currently offering a discount off our already low course fees, as well as referral bonuses.    Please visit our website (still in construction in some spots) at  or  call  785-260-7999.   Thank you!”

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