How Much Longer Can the True Resistance Remain True?

The True Resistance priests and faithful are certainly doctrinally sound.  However, they have a big problem; most of them are in material schism with the true pope, Benedict XVI.  They continue to acknowledge anti-pope Jorge Bergoglio as the true pope.  There are some who even say that Pope Benedict XVI is worse than Jorge Bergoglio.  That is nonsense!  They say that we cannot judge that Jorge Bergoglio is a formal heretic because we must wait for the Church to make a judgement.  That is nonsense as well!  Both the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law speak about the automatic loss of office for public manifest formal heresy.  If no one is able to make the judgement on Jorge Bergoglio (who was never pope as a true pope cannot become a formal heretic) before the Church decides, then the relevant canons are empty of meaning.

The question is now:  how much longer can the True Resistance remain true being materially separated from the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI?  I don’t know the answer to this question, but the clock is ticking.  Note how more and more priests and faithful of the conciliar church are acknowledging Benedict XVI as the true pope while the True Resistance priests and faithful continue to sing the same old song, “We must wait for the Church to judge.” It may very well be that Our Lord will choose priests and faithful from the conciliar church to lead the True Resistance because the True Resistance current priests and faithful refusing to accept the Benedict XVI as the true pope (even though a bit of prayer, study, and humility will lead them to this conclusion) are failing in their duty in this regard.

Watch and pray!