Antipope Jorge Bergoglio and “Fratelli Tutti” – A Waste of Time and Energy

This past week there has been so much time and energy wasted on antipope Jorge Bergoglio’s “Fratelli Tutti” document.  Oh, if only people would take the short time in prayer and study to recognize and admit that Benedict XVI is still the true pope without letting their pride and/or emotions get in the way of truth and reason.  The people that accept antipope Jorge Bergoglio as pope are doing spiritual damage to themselves and the souls that listen to them because they give him the greatest power a man can possibly have on earth when in fact he has no such power.  Yet these same people cry out to Our Lady to intercede for us in the severe crisis we found ourselves in when they themselves are a major part of the problem!

Jorge Bergoglio is a manifest heretic and was never legally elected to the papacy.  Therefore, the people who accept him as pope oppose Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.  What a frightful thought!  I say to these people:


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