1 thought on “Repost: To Deceive the Elect”

  1. Back in March when I wrote my original comments, I had hoped that the R & R ONES WHO FOLLOW THEIR FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS in regard to their preferred priest would educate themselves and possibly wake up from their slothfulness.

    In reality, not only have they been lax in educating themselves, but they have also digressed in this to become rather cultish. Cultish in that it occurs to me that they and their R & R priests have become more arrogant, more prideful, and disturbingly superior in their own minds as they are enemies of THE TRUTH.

    The result is that they collectively discard all logical thinking, right reason, and right judgement in the absolute objective TRUTH that Pope Benedict remains the ONE AND ONLY VICAR OF CHRIST ON EARTH.

    This is the case in that jorge bergoglio continues , only in their minds, to be the pope when, in fact, he is an antipope and a fruitful precursor to the antichrist who was nonetheless invalidly and uncanonically elected.

    The enslavement of the minds of these R & R ones and their priest leaders is prominently on record as they continue to function in material schism from the true Pope Benedict XVI.


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