“…..On the Occasion of the Election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio…..” – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

“It is indicative that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Planned Parenthood are both expressing their satisfaction for the presumed electoral victory of the same person. This unanimity of consensus recalls the enthusiastic support of the Masonic Lodges on the occasion of the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, which was also not free from the shadow of fraud within the Conclave and was equally desired by the deep state, as we know clearly from the emails of John Podesta and the ties of Theodore McCarrick and his colleagues with the Democrats and with Biden himself. A very nice little group of cronies, no doubt about it.”
(Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano)


Archbishop, please take it to the next step, that is, that Jorge Bergoglio is not pope!

1 thought on ““…..On the Occasion of the Election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio…..” – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano”

  1. I pray that this next step of declaring the truth that jorge bergoglio is not the pope will come quickly because it has not gone unnoticed that for some time now
    Archbishop Vigano has rarely used ”Pope Francis”; however we notice that the Archbishop indicates jorge bergoglio or jorge mario bergoglio most oftenreference to this counterfeit who occupies.
    Also, the recognition of the truth that POPE BENEDICT XVI remains the one and only pope while bergoglio is the choice of satan and his minions by Archbishop Vigano will be a significant blessing to defeat these evil times as we look forward to the only solution that heaven has given.
    Of course the only solution is the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA in complete obedience by the TRUE POPE which will bring forth the TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART.

    The weapon we Catholics have been given for these satanic times is to pray THE HOLY ROSARY every day.


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