But You Used the 1983 Code of Canon Law…..

A complaint I have heard from some in the Resistance is that in my paper I used the 1983 Code of Canon Law to demonstrate that Benedict XVI’s “renunciation” was not valid.  I have asked those people and now ask again:  what did you use as the grounds for accepting Benedict XVI’s “renunciation” as valid?  It cannot be the 1917 Code of Canon Law as I have shown in this post (and not that any of you, as far as I am aware, really tried to prove it using the 1917 Code).  Furthermore, do you really think that Benedict XVI in his Declaratio or any one of the cardinals who accepted his “renunciation” as valid had the 1917 Code of Canon Law in his mind?  The reality is that papal renunciations are a canonical matter and Pope John Paul II changed the Code of Canon Law in which he wrote that a pope must renounce his “munus” (office) to effect a valid papal renunciation.  Pope Benedict XVI instead renounced his “ministerium” (ministry, or more precisely, the exercise of the active powers).  Hence, he is still pope.

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