WHO Admits Problems Exist with RT-PCR Testing

Please keep in mind that a positive test result does NOT mean one has the so-called COVID-19 disease.  We are in a medical dictatorship where one is presumed guilty and has to prove himself innocent if he tests positive.  Historically speaking, clinical symptoms was the key factor for the diagnosis of a respiratory disease.  The majority of the people getting tested do not have symptoms, but they are getting tested anyways because of the fearmongering propagated by the governments, media, and corporations.  Those who are propagating this fear knowing that they have no justification for doing so may escape the judgement of human courts, but they will not escape The Judgement of the Court of Jesus Christ!

Imagine if I went to my doctor and said to him, “I don’t have symptoms for chicken pox.  Please write up a referral for laboratory testing.”  What do you think he would say?  I rest my case.


P.S. There is no such thing as “asymptomatic” unless there is compelling scientific evidence of the following:

  1. That viruses (i.e., pathogenic particles that spread from one person to another) exist.
  2. That they can be uniquely identified (such as through complete genome sequencing).
  3. That these viruses are the cause of disease.
  4. That these viruses simply by being present in a person who is not displaying symptoms even after days of the viruses having been accurately detected in that person can spread to another person and cause disease in that other person.