1 thought on “Archbishop Vigano Still Doesn’t Get It regarding Jorge Bergoglio”

  1. The following is my commentary:

    ”In the merciful Bergoglian church, the heir of the post-conciliar church (which are both variants of a spirit that no longer has anything Catholic about it), it is licit to discuss, contest, and reject any dogma, any truth of the Faith, any magisterial document, and any papal pronunciation prior to 1958.”

    The TRUTH is that the words of ARCHBISHOP Vigano above point out clearly that his own words prove that this is the protestant way, the heretical way, the apostate way. Therefore, the counterfeit bergoglio, and those of the counterfeit bergoglian church are the above in bolded words, PROTESTANT, HERETICAL, APOSTATE without any further doubt.

    Therefore, ipso facto, bergoglio and all of this counterfeit church members are outside the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, AND APOSTOLIC, TRUE CHURCH.

    This is continuously and aggressively pointed out by Archbishop Vigano; it is beyond time for him to speak the TRUTH that bergoglio is by his own free will, not Catholic, outside the True Catholic Church, and has excommunicated himself as the INFALLIBLE LAW OF THE CHURCH FOUNDED BY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS DECLARED to EVERYONE yesterday, today, and forever through HIS CHURCH OF ALL TIME.

    Is Archbishop Vigano now ONLY a journalist of many writings pursuant to counterfeit bergoglio and the counterfeit bergolian church, or is he a PRINCE OF THE APOSTLES of THE HIGH PRIEST JESUS CHRIST Who awaits his declaration of TRUTH that bergoglio is not HIS VICAR on earth???

    All the above points to the TRUTH that bergoglio is NOT THE POPE, in addition to the other MANY TRUTHS including the fact that Pope Benedict XVI never intended to resign the office of the papacy by evidence of his own words and simple factual review of canon law.

    In conclusion, GOD HIMSELF has provided so much proof that it is only those prideful, stiff-necked reprobates that are unfortunate enough to be unable to come to the knowledge of the TRUTH that Pope Benedict remains the ONE, ONLY, TRUE VICAR OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH.

    Also, take heed – “For there will rise up false Christs and false prophets, and they shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce (if it were possible) even the elect.”
    [Mark 13:22]


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