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  1. At this time of the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA and THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART , the entire world will then be restored to a worldwide time of peace in which GOD is honored and glorified and those in the world will choose all that is GOD LOVING and GOD FEARING. This means a time of true peace upon earth when GOD and mankind will be in right relationship.

    It does not take a genius to understand that when the entire world follows GOD’S LAWS and GOD’S WAYS, people and nations will be naturally at peace; and so it remains that GOD has taught that each person should DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT DONE TO YOU. Just think what this means for a world of human beings who desire peace.

    When all the commandments of GOD are followed, you will not need to lock your doors, children will be able to safely play with other children, families will flourish, the love which has grown cold for one another will be replaced with a Godly love for one another, and . . . [use your God given ability and your sense to think for yourself to continue this list of precious gifts which will be given to us by GOD when we obey HIM].

    All who have right reason and right judgement will understand, while those who are lost in pride, self-love, and avarice according to their free will relationship with their chosen father satan will refuse to repent. Those who follow and facilitate the ways of evil have attempted to remove GOD’S WAYS from the mind’s and lives of every human in this communistic takeover of a world that was created by GOD for Himself and all His children. We have placed ourselves under the yoke of the most evil ones in this present world through our own separation from GOD.

    However, it does not end this way. GOD has defeated satan already, and all those who are enemies of GOD in our present time will also be defeated by GOD.


  2. Not too long ago, a 12 year old boy gave me a great lesson. I was speaking to him and began to say something to him with which I began by saying ” you kids”.
    This child rightly informed me that kids are baby goats, and I am a child.
    This made me understand rightly and set me on my way to not only change this because he was so obviously correct, but to also consider where this all came from. We human beings have been so influenced by so much that is wrong in our lives, and we barely catch on to the majority of the brainwashing that we have accepted.
    In the above story, I was awakened by a twelve year old child / young person. However, the massive programming that has been perpetrated by the whole covid mind control enslavement program is an evil that could never have been perpetrated upon the entire world if we had not already been conditioned to believe all that we have been conditioned and programmed to believe.
    We can draw on some memories of falsely programming and mind control such as, ”weapons of mass destruction”, ”abortion is a personal choice, our bodies, ourselves, ” ”Oswald murdered JFK”, ” Joe B. was fairly elected by the people”, ”all religions are equal”, and so forth.
    The most malicious campaign that has now been operating through the entire world in our time was preceded by decades of controlling the minds of human beings through mass communications’ venues of every kind such as television, movies, music, education, politics, internet, so called science, tolerance for everything including evils of all kinds, such as this mind control deception – as long as we are open to the beliefs and choices of others, then we are good and tolerant people even though we do not choose the evil for ourselves, etc., etc., etc.
    In fact, I came to understand that the programming on television was meant to be used for programming the minds of the people, and this is exactly how it became possible to such a great extent in order to influence people to dismiss God’s ways and accept the ways of satan.
    In other words, it was a major part of the premeditated plan to place into the minds of people exactly what was necessary in order for them to bring about the one world government as we see emerging right now before our eyes through the corona virus controls and literal enslavement that we are presently living in.

    There is a blueprint of their plans that they follow and have been following for decades.
    They have successfully accomplished the majority of their goals so far, and they are well on their way to completion of their plot and plan. These people are now approaching the control of everyone and everything in the whole world according to their plan; they now own all the agents in governments, church institutions, media, finance, corporate monopolies, medical establishments, big pharma, and scientific organizations that they need in order to succeed.
    We are being lied to and led into all manner of DISinformation toward the end goal of their plot and plans which is to control the entire globe.
    When and if they succeed as it is most definitely happening right now, they also plan to accomplish a global extermination of human beings with their many and various plans to murder enough people of their choosing in order to reduce the world’s present population of 7 to 7.5 BILLION people down to a controllable slave population of 500 MILLION people. They believe that this many slaves is what they need to have for their earthly Utopian dream world in which they will own, control, and enjoy everything for themselves, and their families, and the others involved with them.
    Vaccinations, [so called] for covid, other vaccinations [so called] before covid, and the so called vaccinations yet to come are part of their plan which includes sterilization toward their goal of global extermination of the overwhelming numbers of human beings as well as enslavement which will be controlled through surveillance.
    These so called covid vaccines are gene altering mRNA injections which have caused many deaths, many adverse health problems, and severe destruction of the human immune system which has been given to us by GOD. In addition, the injections contain the remains of human babies whom GOD has created.
    These truths have been reported by a great many doctors, scientists, and others who are heavily censored so as not to be able to provide the truth; the truth is suppressed, as is necessary, while all possible means of propaganda ensure that the general populations of the world which have already been controlled will continue to remain controlled. All means and methods of fear, indoctrination, and mind control techniques require that a steady diet of disinformation be fed to the multitudes of people. The truth is made as unavailable as possible because the truth is the enemy of the adversary and his minions.

    THERE IS NO ONE WHO CAN STOP THEM EXCEPT GOD. GOD allows this in order to wake up and encourage people to return to HIM.

    GOD has allowed this to take place because the sins of people have been so grave and numerous in which so many people throughout the entire world have turned away from HIM. Therefore, in turning away form GOD and HIS WAYS, people have accepted instead the ways of evil and have turned to satan whose children / minions are those who are carrying out these evil crimes against God and humanity which we are now seeing unfold.

    In hope of GOD’S promised intervention and HIS PLANS to stop satan and the enemies of humanity, we have great hope in GOD’S PROMISES.



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