Appeal Made to the Court of Appeal for Ontario

In reference to this post, Justice Sylvia Corthorn has dismissed on February 10, 2021 the case against antipope Jorge Bergoglio and the others named in the claim.  You may read her full endorsement here.  In Paragraph 51, she states the following:

The plaintiffs have made an appeal to the Court of Appeal of Ontario with a file date of March 23, 2021.  You may read the appeal here.  The response to the appeal is still in progress.

8 thoughts on “Appeal Made to the Court of Appeal for Ontario”

  1. Good Day,
    We are interested in the Court Decision that will result from the Appeal made on the First Instance regarding the above-mentioned issue. If someone has the government site where the justice department uploads the decisions, please forward it to us.

    Thank You, and may the Appeals Court respond properly in favor of the people and the law.

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  3. This is right out of Black’s Law 4th Edition and the Justice is WRONG in the Interpretation
    FRIVOLOUS. An answer is “frivolous” where it
    appears from bare inspection to be lacking in
    legal sufficiency, and, where in any view of the
    facts pleaded, it does not present a defense. Neefus
    v. Neefus, 209 Minn. 495, 296 N.W. 579, 581.
    Any pleading is called “frivolous” when it is clear-
    ly insufficient on its face, and does not controvert
    the material points of the opposite pleading,
    and is presumably interposed for mere purposes
    of delay or to embarrass the opponent. Erwin
    v. Lowery, 64 N.C. 321; Strong v. Sproul, 53 N.Y.
    499; Gray v. Gidiere, 4 Strob., S.C., 442; In re
    Beam, 93 N.J.Eq. 593, 117 A. 613, 614


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