New Documentary in Italian with English Subtitles: The Mystery behind Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation

For those Catholics who still accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope, please get out of your material schism.

1 thought on “New Documentary in Italian with English Subtitles: The Mystery behind Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation”

  1. This documentary is a gem. It unfolds and reflects the most basic truths of the satanic goals of freemasonry which remain today as always to destroy the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH INSTITUTED BY OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST.

    The counterfeit pope jorge mario bergoglio was strategically put in place of the true Pope Benedict XVI according to the plot and plan of the freemasonic forces that have placed and are themselves infiltrators within the ranks of priests, bishops, cardinals, and now counterfeit pope bergoglio.

    In order to carry forth the plot to destroy the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH [ WHICH WILL NEVER BE ACHIEVED ] and replace it with the masonic worldwide religion of the one world order which has been planned for so long and is now carried out by the cabal of globalists, the agents within the counterfeit church, and all the power agents from outside according to their father who is a liar and murderer from the beginning. This cast of evil characters are all anathema.

    The invalid renunciation of POPE BENEDICT XVI can be recognized by those who have the light of discernment given by GOD to those who want it. Otherwise, those who flaunt the lies and deceptions of these satanists are most grievously promoting the error that bergoglio is the pope when, in fact and in truth, bergoglio is the chosen agent of satan and his antichrists of the new world order.

    I accuse that the most grievous of all are those who claim to be “so called traditionalist” Catholics, priests, bishops, cardinals, nuns, and lay people. These “so called faithful Catholics” so called “recognize and resist” and other groups of Catholics have been given the greatest gifts of GOD in HIS PROVIDENCE WHO has not failed to present all the necessary evidence that bergoglio is not the pope and that Pope Benedict XVI remains the pope. The errors of those continuing to believe and teach others that bergoglio is pope are causing the great schism that is brewing within the present day ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH. Shame on those who believe and especially those who teach others to believe this evil lie and deception.



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