Benedict XVI Distinguished between the Ministerium and Munus in His Declaratio – Fr. Paul Kramer

“None of the arguments which claim that Pope Benedict’s Declaratio validly expressed the intention to renounce his munus directly addresses this decisive point, namely, that when Benedict XVI renounced his ministry, by distinguishing between the ministerium and the munus, and between the active and passive aspects of the munus, and expressing his intention to continue to exercise the passive aspect of the munus even after the juridical cessation of the active exercise of the munus goes into force, he thereby expressed the intention that his act of renunciation of the ministerium does not intend the unconditional and total revocation of the munus he received upon his election to the papacy on 19 April, 2005. This defectively stated juridical intention renders his act of renunciation utterly equivocal and contradictory, so that it is to no avail to point to Benedict’s words which appear to expressly renounce his office or his munus, since by the contradictory affirmation of renouncing the munus simultaneously made with the negation of renouncing the same already clearly expressed in principle in the Declartio, and more explicitly stated afterward by way of clarification at his last public audience, namely, that the renunciation does not revoke the munus he received at his election, the apparent renunciation of the office is thereby affirmed and negated in the same juridical act, rendering it null and void.”

Kramer, Paul. On the true and the false pope: The case against Bergoglio (p. 505). Gondolin Press. Kindle Edition.

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