Feast of St. Margaret of Cortona

I wish all my Franciscan tertiary brothers and sisters a most blessed Feast of St. Margaret of Cortona!

Franciscan tertiaries may obtain a plenary indulgence this day by renewing their profession/novitiate and fulfilling the usual conditions required for a plenary indulgence.

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta (1683 – 1754 ), Saint Margaret of Cortona, 1737, oil on canvas, Bequest of Lore Heinemann in memory of her husband, Dr. Rudolf J. Heinemann

Clarification regarding Fr. Paul Kramer’s Quote on Sedevacantism

In this post, I received fair criticism in that the quote I provided from Fr. Paul Kramer’s book To Deceive the Elect – Volume I does not refute all arguments provided by Sedevacantists for their position.  This is true.  I should have provided the context of Fr. Paul Kramer’s quote.

According to Fr. Paul Kramer, Fr. Francois Chazal wrote a book Contra Cekadam in which he “adopted the opinion of John of St. Thomas on the question of deposition of a manifest heretic pope from office. It was the opinion of John of St. Thomas that one who is manifestly a formal heretic would not fall from the papal office ipso facto; but would remain in office as pope until convicted of heresy by a council, and then would only fall from office upon being declared vitandus by the council. This is the fourth of the five opinions outlined by St. Robert Bellarmine in Book II of his De Romano Pontifice.”  This is in opposition to Fr. Anthony Cekada’s position that public heretics automatically lose office.  Fr. Kramer agrees with Fr. Cekada that public heretics automatically lose office, but he does not agree with the process by which Fr. Cekada claims they lose office. The quote I provided in the earlier post elaborates on Fr. Kramer’s disagreement with Fr. Cekada.

I hope this clarifies the context.

The above quote is taken from:

Kramer, Paul. To deceive the elect: The catholic doctrine on the question of a heretical Pope . Kindle Edition.

Fr. Paul Kramer on the Jeff Rense Show – February 17, 2022


No Scientific Evidence that SARS-CoV-2 Physically Exists

There is no scientific evidence that SARS-CoV-2 physically exists. Here are Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s concluding remarks at a session of the Corona Committee:



The following is a comment made by Dr. Saeed Qureshi on the same Facebook post: