1 thought on “RUSSIA’S ACHILLES HEEL: CHINA – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. Putin (Russia), even him is falling into the trap of the NWO-Luciferians/Synagogue of Satan. I pray for the conversion of Putin and the Russians. This war will destroy Russia and the West alike. The Jews/Israel will have the last laugh and enjoy their Satanic-NWO with their perverted messiah who is the ANTICHRIST.

    We need a TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC POPE now who would obey and do exactly as Our Lady said. It’s 105 years passed due. Jesus said, “…they will do it but late…” The word “late” scared me to death. That means all the prophecies will come to pass and then they will do it then, it will be too late for billions of souls.

    Late father Martin Malachi said, “The consecration of Russia will be late, a little bit late, but not too late…” Fr. Malachi was tried to console the persons who were so sad asked him about the consecration of Russia, and why Pope after Pope did not obey God…

    “Like the King of France, he will follow his misfortune…” The price of disobeying God is too severely for the Popes and us the innocent people. All we can do now is to practice what Our Lady told Jacinta, Francesco, and Lucia. Nothing else we can do now look like it.


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