Jorge Bergoglio to “Consecrate” Russia

Read below the biggest farce of the past century.  NO conversion of Russia will take place, and this even if Jorge Bergoglio were to “consecrate” Russia in union with the bishops of the world.  Why?  Because Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope.  In addition, he is a public manifest formal heretic.  Our Lady requested the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart by a true pope in union with the bishops of the world.  No substitute will do to obtain Russia’s conversion.  Therefore, don’t expect anything to happen after Jorge Bergoglio’s “consecration”.  The chastisements are only getting to get worse.  The only good that can come out of this “consecration” is that further evidence will be provided that Jorge Bergoglio is not the pope (and yet another opportunity for the Catholic Resistance to get out of its material schism).