Where is the Resistance in regards to the Pope?

Friends, it is interesting to see how grace is working in those outside of the Catholic Resistance in regards to “who is the true pope” question.  Whereas those outside of the Catholic Resistance are at least willing to entertain the question, many in the Catholic Resistance shut the door.  The Catholic Resistance is failing us on this question.  Very sad.


1 thought on “Where is the Resistance in regards to the Pope?”

  1. There is no “resistance” in so-called “traditional Catholics” today. Period. All lies and cowardice giving out lip services. I know it because for over 40 years I have worked in vain. They killed us then because we were too small and living apart each individual have to fight both ends. Some escaped death, but have to go into “retirement”… Today all the information has been circulated and revealed, but still, nobody does a damn thing. These young generations are worthless. We are too damn old and sick to make any move. It’s now the torch must be carried out by your generations. What we know, we told you all but you people think you know all, you don’t need anyone to tell you anything. So bis, handle it yourselves. Good luck.


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