Renouncing the Office of the Papacy Is an All or Nothing Act

If one can show that Benedict XVI had the intention to retain even one iota of the office (munus) of the papacy, he shows that Benedict XVI remains pope.  This is because renouncing the office of the papacy is an all or nothing act.  There is no partial renunciation.  The renunciations of former popes showed unequivocally that they completely relinquished any claim whatsoever to any part, no matter how small, of the office of the papacy.  This is not the case with Benedict XVI.  In his Declaratio, he unequivocally showed his intention to retain some aspect of the office of the papacy by only renouncing the ministerium (i.e., exercise of the active ministry).  Therefore, he remained pope.  Twice in his Declaratio he used the term “munus” (office) before announcing the object of his renunciation and yet it was not the “munus” he renounced.  That the cardinals proceeded to “elect” another pope does not matter.  No cardinal, either singly or together with the whole college, can declare a renunciation of the office of the papacy when the pope himself did not renounce it.

My friends, it really is that simple.  You Catholics who know your Faith, especially you Catholics of the Resistance, need to use your reason and stop making excuses.  Your souls are in danger if you persist in foolishness.  And please stop saying that you will wait for the Church to decide because the Church has already decided; Pope Benedict XVI, the visible head of the Catholic Church, made the decision in 2013 to retain some aspect of the office of the papacy.  That is enough for you to accept that he has been the pope since 2005.

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