2 thoughts on “The Pope Has Real Authority and It Is Held Today by Benedict XVI whether He Likes It or Not”

  1. Yes, he is a Pope but a heretic Pope that’s why God vomited him out of His Mouth. For his entire life, he supported Modernism, Ecumenism, and the New World Order which is the religion of the Jewish Cabals that sprouted from the Synagogue of Satan. Through that influence, he indirectly denied Christ the King and the Messiah of the true Jews. Therefore, he received no graces, no blessings to do the consecration of Russia to offset the wars and the world chastisement. Lately, he realized his errors and guilted, he wanted to bring back the proper mass and return to the TRADITIONAL… But, it’s too late, the whole gang of modernist churchmen is against him. He thinks he was isolated and powerless to do anything whatsoever… But if he just comes out clean RIGHT NOW, HE STILL CAN SAVE THE WORLD INTO DESTRUCTION and SAVE 8 BILLION SOULS TO HELL. He did not have enough people pray for him. The next Holy Father (true Catholic Pope) must do the consecration of Russia “It will be late” Jesus said to the real Sister Lucia. Fr. Martin Malachi also said that to me. “It will be late, but not too late, but the consequences already be done…” That is enough to make me pass out.


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