The Formal Schism Is Coming – Fr. Paul Kramer

Dear True Resistance, the formal schism is coming where the conciliar church (now morphing from a heretical to an apostate church) will be cut out of the Catholic Church like a cancer.  Know that the current head of the conciliar church is not Benedict XVI; it is Jorge Bergoglio.  For those of the True Resistance who accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope, know that you inadvertently accept the head of the conciliar church as being the head of the Catholic Church.  In reality, we are no longer in a situation with one pope and two churches; rather, we are now in the situation of two popes and two churches.  The successor of Benedict XVI will lead the Catholic Church.  You claim that you want nothing to do with the conciliar church.  Here is your opportunity to disassociate yourself from it by rejecting its current head.  What will you decide?

Two Popes. Two Churches. – Fr. Paul Kramer

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