Against the Objection that Benedict XVI Is Equally a Heretic as Bergoglio – Fr. Paul Kramer

“There are some who make the objection that, ‘If Bergoglio is a heretic as you claim, then so also must Ratzinger be considered a heretic.’ All of them, whether Sedevacantists, or the others who either gullibly believe this Sedevacantist fallacy (such as Catholic Truth Scotland), or knowing that it is a Sedevacantist fallacy, propagate it nevertheless in order to confer the appearance of legitimacy on Bergoglio’s faux pontificate and on the heretical anti-church he seeks to erect, and the Masonic agenda he seeks to implement — all of them assert this fallacy not so much to prove that Pope Benedict is a heretic, but to support their indefensible position which claims Bergoglio is not a heretic, and that he is a legitimate pope. I say ‘indefensible’ because, as I have shown, Bergoglio asserts heresy that cannot be excused by any mitigating factors or circumstances, but is of such a nature that whoever would assert it does so evidently with the culpability and dolus of formal heresy. The same cannot be said of Pope Benedict XVI. The indicia against Ratzinger simply do not add up to the evident fact of manifest formal heresy as they do for the heretic Bergoglio, whose formal heresy, as I have explained, is not known by means of a complex judgment process which arrives at a conclusion after a laborious investigation of evidence, but is known as a fact seen to be evidently true based on immediately evident factual evidence.”

Kramer, Paul. On the true and the false pope: The case against Bergoglio (p. 511). Gondolin Press. Kindle Edition.

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