105th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal

Today marks the 105th anniversary of Our Lady’s last apparition at Fatima, Portugal. We still await the release of the full Third Secret of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia by the pope in union with the bishops of the world. For those of you that accept Jorge Bergoglio’s “consecration” of March 2022 as being valid, where is the conversion of Russia? It is now approaching six months since that event and instead of the conversion of Russia, we have Russia and the West coming closer to nuclear war. Please stop with this nonsense that Jorge Bergoglio’s consecration was valid. Our Lady said that the pope must consecrate Russia, not an antipope, which Jorge Bergoglio is.

For those in the True Resistance who still accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope, please open up your eyes, unplug your ears, and get out of your material schism.  The truth is readily discernible.

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