Third Anniversary of Going Public with Benedict XVI Is the True Pope!

Dear Friends, today marks the third anniversary of me going public with the position that Benedict XVI is the true pope.  You may find that original post here.  There are many people to whom I owe much gratitude for assisting me in coming to this position and still holding it today more firmly than ever.  The first person that gave me personally a spiritual slap to look into this issue seriously is a lady named Charmaine Hess.  You may find her Facebook public profile here.  For understanding better the theological and canonical issues over the course of the last three years, I owe the most gratitude to Fr. Paul Kramer.  You may find his Facebook public profile here.  Personal communications between us and his two volume set of To Deceive the Elect have been so enlightening.

What saddens me the most is that the clergy of the True Resistance continue to hold that Jorge Bergoglio is the true pope.  Despite the fact that it is clear that Jorge Bergoglio is a public manifest formal heretic and therefore no longer a member of the Catholic Church, they continue to hold him as the Supreme Pontiff.  I am not sure what it is going to take for them to realize their error.  Perhaps it will be the coming formal schism, as predicted by Fr. Paul Kramer (see here), that will cut out the conciliar/heretical/apostate church from the Catholic Church.  In the meantime, these clergymen are keeping many True Resistance faithful in a material schism with Pope Benedict XVI.  Let us hope that Our Lady will resolve this situation soon.

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  1. Yes, the third secret of Fatima is directly talking about them, one part to the ruined world, the other part is direct to the churchmen, the APOSTATE LUCIFERIAN CHURCH OF THE NEW JEWS WORLD DISORDER. The complete wiped off, the annihilation of the bodies and souls of 2 – 7 billion people on this planet, and the Catholics are held accountable for this negligence and insult directly to God and His Mother… The consequences have been told by so many mystics and stigmatists and there is no doubt about that. Catholics ignored to carry out the “either” and now we are facing the “or” right now. Benedict XVI has no graces and nobody prays for him enough to repent and give out the order. He has the authority but he has no graces to use it. His errors during his entire life contribute to the curse. All he has to do is publicly withdraw all of his support and promotion of NWO and repent, take up his duty and declare the spiritual war with the Freemasons/Luciferians and the Modernists. Open the way for the Next HOLY CATHOLIC POPE to be elected so that the New Holy Father will do the consecration correctly before 2029. Otherwise, everybody must go to confession (the last confession) and be very prepared now for the days that are coming quickly.

  2. Do you think the third secret is directly connected to this proposition? If so, no wonder only a part of it was released. There is building steam regarding the two sister Lucy theory as well. The theory is she disappeared in late ’58 just before j23 ‘decided’ to open the council. Connections?


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