Joseph Ratzinger Is Not a Thomist – Fr. Paul Kramer

“As is well known, Joseph Ratzinger is not a Thomist, but is more rooted in the Augustinian theological tradition. In my judgment, that is a major defect in his theology, because it is only by means of the strict application of Thomistic principles as the apparatus of critical analysis and the explication of doctrine, that one can attain to some degree of completeness in the scientific expression of theological truths.

“What is worse, Ratzinger’s association with that theological movement known to history as the Nouvelle Théologie is an undisputed fact of history. Peter Seewald’s biography of Benedict XVI relates some interesting testimonies concerning Ratzinger’s affinity for Nouvelle Théologie and its modernist leanings. In that biography Seewald describes the scene which unfolded when the renowned professor of dogmatic theology, Michael Schmaus rejected Ratzinger’s Habilitationsschrift for the postdoctoral degree…..’Some of the professors also spoke of Ratzinger’s dangerous modernism, which amounts to subjectifying the concept of revelation, but Söhngen (Ratzinger’s master) was able to achieve that the work was not rejected but returned for improvement.'”

Kramer, Paul. On the true and the false pope: The case against Bergoglio (pp. 512 & 513). Gondolin Press. Kindle Edition.

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