Bravo, Fr. Hewko and Fr. Ruiz!

“We have to distance ourselves from these (False Resistance) bishops and wait for a better day.”

The above are the words of Fr. David Hewko in the sermon below. Father recounts that he and Fr. Hugo Ruiz have decided to distance themselves from the four False Resistance bishops (Bishops Williamson, Faure, Thomas Aquinas, and Zendejas).  I was glad to hear a public and explicit statement from Fr. Hewko on this matter and his speaking on behalf of Fr. Ruiz.  Thank you, Fathers.

I cannot leave out Fr. Rafael, O.S.B.  He has been solid since the beginning in refusing to mingle with the False Resistance and publicly preaching the same.

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  1. “Perhaps we need another term for the movement that combines the True Resistance and acceptance of Benedict XVI as pope. Do you have any suggestions?”

    First is the thought that the True Resistance clergy will continue to call themselves ”true” without the TRUTH that jorge bergoglio is not the pope, and the further truthful recognition that Pope Benedict XVI remains the on and only pope. Most of their false predictions have come to bear no good fruit including that Pope Benedict would die first, the truth of those who hold with undeniable evidence that Pope Benedict remains the pope are Sedevacantist bound, etc.

    We have come to realize that these blind ones who lead the blind into false belief regarding that bergoglio is the pope until the CATHOLIC CHURCH declares this do not have any clue that the CATHOLIC CHURCH of all time has already declared this. It possibly appears to them to be a reasonable plan to follow the priests [of their so called true resistance] by whom they are being led to not adhere to and follow the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH instituted by JESUS CHRIST as regards the position of ”recognize and resist” and wait until . . .

    The facts and TRUTH and evidence that points to the antipope bergoglio as the chosen agent of satan arranged by his minion globalists, and the remaining only true POPE BENEDICT XVI is dismissed. The possibility of schism is not far fetched, and this is shameful.

    The disconnect or confusion or hypocrisy is also in the fact that they did not need to wait for the CATHOLIC CHURCH to declare the obvious TRUTHS regarding vatican 2 council and as can be seen regarding Archbishop Lefebvre as well.

    They must be without the light which GOD gives because what else is the explanation for their stiff necked and reprobate adherence to their false belief that the vicar of Jesus Christ is the antipope bergoglio who is really the satanic destroyer and enemy of JESUS CHRIST in every knowable step, moment, and breath of bergoglio’s evil and his fake role as pope when he is in TRUTH the satanic usurper.

    Just maybe, it can be discerned that the priests who are vagus may not be pleasing to GOD. They are clearly not the ”true resistance” no matter how much nor how long they continue to believe this because what matters is the TRUTH. As far as what to call the movement that understands that Pope Benedict XVI remains the true pope, this has already been established as THE ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH instituted by JESUS CHRIST. This is the one and only TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH of all time.

    The antipope jorge bergoglio is the counterfeit head of the counterfeit church of satan.

    Let us continue to pray for them; however, as for our house we must continue to separate from these priests and not follow them for obvious reasons. May GOD BLESS THEM IN EVERY WAY to know and profess THE TRUTH and to stop misleading others with the deception that bergoglio is the pope and that GOD wills that people wait and continue in false beliefs and possible schism when GOD has provided ALL the proof needed.

  2. “We have to distance ourselves from these (False Resistance) bishops and wait for a better day.”

    However, this has been the stance of Father Hewko for as long as I can remember, and many people that are also associated with Father Hewko including the Catacombs site who has finally given you a voice for giving Father Hewko the “Bravo’’. . .

    The greatest concern is that the so called ideology of the “Recognize and Resist’’ position is the guiding principle which compels so many “True Resistance’’ priests and lay people to remain in the false belief that jorge bergoglio is the true pope even though the “Recognize’’ principle is so far removed from right reason and right judgement according to all that they know including canon law pertaining to the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, heresy and apostasy of bergoglio, etc.

    Please share your responses to the following.

    Is the “Recognize and Resist’’ position legitimate in regard to the false pope bergoglio according to the teaching and defining principles of the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH?

    Must a priest always agree with a bishop on whom he places himself under according to the THE TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH?

    What does the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH teach and define about an or any legitimate and valid reasons or options to become a vagas priest according to the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH?

    When faithful Catholics understand that bergoglio is a heretic, an apostate, an enemy of JESUS CHRIST and an enemy and active destroyer of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH, a usurper antipope invalidly and uncanonically elected, what is one to do regarding associating with Father Hewko who leads and guides the “True Resistance’’ according to the false “Recognize and Resist’’ position that we must wait until the church defines that bergoglio was never the pope?

    What do you think explains that Father Hewko and his followers have declared loudly and clearly without waiting that according to the evidence and with absolute right reason and right judgement that the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was invalidly
    excommunicated along with all the other TRUTHS regarding the Archbishop’s activities and actions to save the priesthood and so forth. . . ? The point is that this is a disconnect or confusion or hypocrisy in that there is their declared position that there is no need to wait for the HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH in this regard, and rightly so, yet in regard to the antipope bergoglio, they teach that the opposite is tenable.

    • Forgive me. I will not answer all your questions, but I will make a couple of comments.

      Fr. Hewko’s position has been more implicit and has wavered from time to time. A few years ago, he preached that those in the United States should turn away Bishop Williamson for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Later on, he writes a letter to Bishop Williamson to come and ordain priests at Kentucky. This is the first time that he has publicly and explicitly stated that it is time to distance himself from all four False Resistance Bishops. Therefore, I commend him.

      It is true that the True Resistance clergy cannot go on forever calling themselves “true” if they continue to hold Jorge Bergoglio as pope. I wrote about this at the link below. However, keep in mind that the term “Resistance” came about as an opposition to the new direction of the SSPX under Bishop Fellay and not about who is the pope. That is why I still use the term “True Resistance”. Perhaps we need another term for the movement that combines the True Resistance and acceptance of Benedict XVI as pope. Do you have any suggestions?


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