Red Light for Attendance at All False Resistance Masses

On page 11 in Issue 59 of The Recusant, there is a neat pictogram regarding what different parties say about which Masses the faithful may attend.  Under the Frs. Hewko and Rafael column, attending a Mass of the False Resistance is marked as “red”.  However, it is my opinion that this should include red lighting attending the Masses of all priests who receive any of the four False Resistance bishops (i.e., Bishops Williamson, Faure, Thomas Aquinas, and Zendejas) to attend to those priests’ faithful even if those priests publicly condemn the errors of Bishop Williamson regarding the New Mass, for example.  In my estimation, to receive any of the four False Resistance bishops is akin to siding with the False Resistance despite what is otherwise publicly taught or condemned.

Note:  I am not aware of Bishop Williamson red lighting the Masses of the True Resistance. If anyone can provide the evidence, I would appreciate it.

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