The Neo-SSPX Has Ordinary Jurisdiction. Not!

In 2012 at the General Chapter of SSPX, the leadership betrayed the memory and mission of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre by agreeing that it was ready to seek a canonical regularization from Rome without first Rome’s conversion, in effect shoving doctrine to the side.  A few years later, the neo-SSPX (i.e., the SSPX after the General Chapter) supposedly received ordinary jurisdiction within the Catholic Church for their confessions and marriages.  But did they really?  No!  Why?  Because Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope.  Therefore, he cannot grant anything within the Catholic Church.  However, he can grant jurisdiction within the Conciliar Church because he is its head.  Congratulations neo-SSPX!  You now have an official place within the Conciliar sect, the same sect you hold no longer exists.  I see this blindness as a punishment for your sins.

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