Cdl. Müller: Pope Would ‘Automatically Lose His Office’ if He Became a Heretic

Cardinal Muller would be correct IF it were possible for a true pope to become a (formal) heretic.  However, Fr. Paul Kramer has amply demonstrated in his two volume work of To Deceive the Elect that a true pope cannot be a formal heretic, even privately.  In regards to Jorge Bergoglio, we can factually see that he is a public formal heretic and therefore cannot be a true pope.

This Polish Nun Gets It: Benedict XVI Is the True Pope!

My friends, I continue to be dumbfounded by how many people outside of the True Resistance accept Benedict XVI as the current pope of the Catholic Church while much of the True Resistance accepts a public manifest formal heretic, Jorge Bergoglio, as pope.  How much longer can the True Resistance remain true if much of the clergy and faithful persist in their material schism?