Fr. David Hewko Is Incorrect that There Is Currently One Pope over Two Churches

In Fr. David Hewko’s Advent 2022 Issue of the Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC Newsletter, he writes the following:

“It stands to reason that Satan would invent a new Church which looks a lot like the real Catholic Church, and even has the same visible head, ‘one Pope over two Churches’, but one of these churches is counterfeit.  That is the Conciliar Church…..”

The adage of ‘one Pope over two Churches’ is outdated.  Why?  Because since 2013 the head of the Conciliar Church has been Jorge Bergoglio.  However, since 2005 the head of the Catholic Church has been Benedict XVI.  What we have since 2013, therefore, is ‘two Popes over two Churches’.  Jorge Bergoglio is no more pope of the Catholic Church than I am.  The following is a good post written by Fr. Paul Kramer regarding “Two Popes, Two Churches”:1

  1. This was originally posted on Ecclesia Militans here.

2 thoughts on “Fr. David Hewko Is Incorrect that There Is Currently One Pope over Two Churches”

  1. The statement of Fr. Hewko has been made is merely a repetition of the exact same teaching of Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, Archbishop Lefebvre (?), the Dominicans of Avrille have repeated it, the entirety of the SSPX used to (perhaps still does) teach that.

    There are some excellent refutations to the Benedict is still the pope claim on the website Roma locuta est. Very good. Very common sense. Particularly in an article that is in reply to Patrick Coffin.

    May you be enlightened that your crusade to promote the Conciliar Benedict, who heavily contributed to the coming Synodal Church as Fr. Kramer points out is a result of VII, is misdirected and misguided.

    • I promote Benedict XVI as pope. However, I do pray that he publicly repents for the damage he has done to the Catholic Church when he was running the Conciliar Church.


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