The Totality of the Episcopate Cannot Depose a True Pope – Fr. Paul Kramer

“…..whoever says that the pope’s inferiors, even the totality of the episcopate congregated together in a council, possess the power to dissolve the conjunction which joins the papacy to the person of the Supreme Pontiff, either directly or indirectly (by introducing a disposition to disjoin the conjunction), explicitly asserts heresy against the dogma of the Primacy, solemnly defined in Pastor Æternus, which infallibly set forth as de fide definita the ‘total fullness of supreme power’ of the Primacy — a fullness of power which in virtue of its totality admits no share whatsoever to the pope’s inferiors in the exercise of that supreme power by which the Roman Pontiff exercises exclusively a ‘full and supreme power of jurisdiction’ (Pastor Æternus) — a ‘full and absolute jurisdiction’ (Vacantis Apostolicæ Sedis) which he exercises even over the conjunction between the papacy and himself.”

Kramer, Paul. On the true and the false pope: The case against Bergoglio (pp. 137-138). Gondolin Press. Kindle Edition.

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