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  1. A public manifest, a formal heretic is actually separated himself/herself from the Church by his own definition of faith in his words and actions. Period. The Church has a duty/responsibility to denounce and “excommunicated” him/her so that others might learn and see the example. (apply to general everyone).

    “The Pope when he is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church must EITHER DEPRIVE HIM or DECLARE HIM DEPRIVE OF HIS APOSTOLIC SEE…” (St. Francis de Sales 305 -306).

    “The Pope heretic is not DEPOSED IPSO FACTO, BUT MUST BE DECLARED DEPOSED BY THE CHURCH.” (St. Robert Bellarmine).

    As I said before, the Church will have to ask him 3 questions to confirm his public heretic teachings and if he agreed with his position, at that moment the Church will denounce him by his own apostasy. This is the case of Francis, the Church needs to do right now and Benedict XVI needs to speak up now before too late. His silence is a crime and a great sin against God. Time to silence and now time to speak up.

    You simply did not understand the matter and kept on arguing about who was right and who was wrong about the fact that Francis is not even a Catholic and not even a true Pope of the TRUE CHURCH. He is the pope of the Synagogue of Satan Church. So the True Holy Catholic Pope after Benedict XVI must declare deposition from the Church (If Benedict failed to do this before he die). Francis cut himself off from the Church by his own will ipso facto according to the Canon Law but the Church must declare him null and void all his pseudo-Apostolic See that the world has mistaken him… I said that many times before why Catholics keep on confusing… Many Saints and Doctors of the Church had taught us that.

    Confusion and ambiguous languages are the tools that NWO-Luciferians love to use on the Catholics.

    • A true pope cannot be a formal heretic. Your scenarios only describe the case where IF it were possible for a pope to be a formal heretic. IF it were possible that a pope be a formal heretic, then he would fall from office automatically without any declaration from the Church. Note that in your quote of St. Francis de Sales, you wrote that he says, “falls ipso facto”, whereas in your quote from St. Robert Bellarmine, you wrote that he says, “deposed ipso facto.” Do you recognize that “falls” and “deposed” do not mean the same thing. The former happens “by himself”; the latter happens by juridical force of a legitimate superior. Your quote of St. Robert Bellarmine seems inaccurate to me. Fr. Kramer in his First Volume of To Deceive the Elect writes that St. Robert Bellarmine held to the first opinion, which is that a true pope cannot be a formal heretic.

      • The Pope manifestly a heretic ceases himself to be a Pope and head of the Church. He ceases to be a Christian, a member of the body of the Church, and he can be judged and punished by the Church. Manifested heretics lose all jurisdiction. Period (St. Robert Bellarmine 1542-1621).

        “Manifest heresy ceased to be a member of the Church and can’t be its head.” (St. Cyprian (Lib.4, epist -2), (St. Athanasius (Ser. 2 Cont. Arian), (St. Augustin (lib. de grat. Christ. cap.20), (St. Jerome (Cont. Lucifer), and many others. Therefore, the manifest heretic can’t ever be a Pope. The fact proved that Francis is clearly an Apostasy heretic to the core since he was still in the seminary and he has been a long time demonstrated his satanic teachings over the years that more than evidence to call him out. Even a layperson can call him out doesn’t need any religious conciliar to call him out.

        St. Bellarmine based his teaching on St. Paul (Epist. ad Titum, 3). St. Paul teaches that a heretic is to be avoided after two warnings. After showing himself to be manifestly obstinate which means the third warning is to be excommunicated or a judicial sentence. And this act is an act of charity, not Jurisdiction. Therefore, anyone can do it. Even Fr. Gruner said that the problem in the case of Francis “…is because nobody had done it before and most of the naive think this can’t be done or the Faithful and the Church have no power to remove the “fake head” of the Church.

        When a heretic Pope’s manifest heresy has attained widespread knowledge and it’s clear that he is no longer pope, then conditions are set for further actions by the hierarchy. “The Apostolic See being vacant, an ecclesiastical organ such as The College of Cardinals or the imperfect Council can legally declare the loss of the office by the heretic who was pope, to render the fact official and make it unequivocally known by all, proceeding to elect a new Pontiff” (Xavier de Silveira — Can a Pope be a heretic–The Theological Hypothesis of a Heretical Pope). The problem right now with this case is Benedict XVI, if he is the true Pope and not dying yet, he is blocking the movement of electing a New Pope. The problem to remove Francis is clear and easy. But because Benedict just sits there to protect him to be removed… unless people have a reason to believe that Benedict XVI was a modernist himself based on his books, teachings, preachings, and actions for all of those years. Only one problem, has he repented, or just stalling because of some other reasons that lately he might have a vision and he acts the way he is acting, I don’t know.


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