Recognize and Resist Policy Is No Longer Morally Licit – Fr. Paul Kramer

“The very act of submission to the pretended authority of an openly heretical enemy (i.e., Jorge Bergoglio) of the Catholic faith constitutes per se an objectively grave act not only of indiscreet obedience; but done in ignorance, constitutes an act of material schism as well. Thus, while the Recognize and Resist policy of Catholics towards the errant conciliar popes was morally justified from the time of the post-council up to the end of February 2013, when Pope Benedict went into what is increasingly seen to be a coerced retirement; it is no longer morally licit to adhere to it for so long as the heretical intruder (or another like him) remains in power, because it is morally wrong and schismatic to recognize and be subject to a manifestly formal heretic.”

Kramer, Paul. To deceive the elect: The catholic doctrine on the question of a heretical Pope . Kindle Edition.

Note that I added the “(i.e., Jorge Bergoglio)” portion.  However, Fr. Paul Kramer was referring to Jorge Bergoglio in the context of the above quote.

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  1. Strictly speaking, everything written above fulfills the definition of sedevacantism. While it is not noted particularly here, it is known that Fr. Kramer holds Benedict to be the true pope. But from the above, if Benedict were not alive, Fr. Kramer could then be called a sedevacantist as he perfectly fits the definition, based on the above quote. Good to know.

    “Sedevacantism (Latin: Sedevacantismus) is a doctrinal position within traditionalist Catholicism, which holds that the present occupier of the Holy See is not a valid pope due to the pope’s espousal of one or more heresies and that therefore, for lack of a valid pope, the See of Rome is vacant.” – Wiki


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