The Conciliar Church Is Mutating into a Synodal Church – Fr. Paul Kramer

True Resistance clergy and faithful say that they want nothing to do with the Conciliar Church. Yet, they keep themselves attached to it by accepting its visible head, Jorge Bergoglio, as the visible head of the Catholic Church. They don’t understand that we are no longer in the situation of one pope over two churches. We are now in the situation of two popes over two churches with Benedict XVI being the pope of the Catholic Church.

Please, True Resistance, get out of your material schism. Detach yourself from the visible head of the Conciliar Church and accept Benedict XVI as the one, true pope of the Catholic Church.

Fr. Paul Kramer made the two above comments in the following Facebook post, which he published on December 6, 2022:

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  1. The Kennedy Hall video was filled with a good deal of information for sure. The first time that I ever heard that Malachi Martin was a bishop was from Purple on his post here. Then the second time I heard it was in the aforementioned video linked here by sam, and then, in addition, the guest friend of Malachi Martin on the linked video also claims Malachi Martin was a cardinal. The third time I heard about Malachi Martin being a bishop and cardinal was when I ran into a friend who confirmed having also heard this about M. Martin at some point.
    Where this goes from here in understanding the TRUTH about this is now left up to more concrete evidence than has been provided so far.

    IN GOD I TRUST, as to reveal the TRUTH if and when GOD wants this to be known through solid evidence that it is true or that it is not true. . .
    In other words, I will wait for GOD and HIS PERFECT WISDOM, PERFECT TIMING, PERFECT WAY, and PERFECT PLAN to provide what is necessary in order to discern properly as this is always the sure way to go.

    In the meantime, I want to wish Tony LaRosa, Purple, sam, and all others who post here a beautiful CHRISTMAS in celebrating the BIRTH of OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, and I also wish you all many blessings in 2023.

  2. You have ears to hear and minds to determine what has happened in the Church and in the World today matter of fact it has been going on for over 105 years to know which is true and not… Enjoy your diabolical disorientation. I am not obligated to educate nor entertain the ignorance out of curiosity. I had tried on many occasions but failed with this website’s host and the pseudo-Catholics, the predenters of NWO’s church.

  3. 1 TIMOTHY – Chapter 5
    24 Some men’s sins are manifest, going before to judgment: and some men they follow after.
    25 In like manner also good deeds are manifest; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.

    FROM-Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary, 1859 edition.

    Ver. 24-25. Some men’s sins are manifest, &c. These two verses seem connected with the admonition before given, as to ordaining ministers, some men’s sins and evil life being so manifest, that they are certain to be rejected. — And some men they follow after: they appear not till after a trial and examination. — In like manner also good deeds, and good lives of some men, are so manifest, that they are easily admitted. And such as are otherwise, (that is, when they are desirous to conceal their virtues) they cannot be hidden: by an examination and trial they will appear. (Witham) — This refers to what he had said before, that he ought not easily to ordain others, but pass his judgment with scrutiny and impartiality. But there are some whom the public voice already condemns; their crimes are manifest: and there are others, though bad, whose crimes cannot be proved without examination. (Calmet) — St. Basil thinks it refers to the general judgment. Many both good and bad actions are at present manifest: others shall not be known till the day of judgment. Hypocrites are reserved to be judged by the Lord, as we cannot pronounce upon their actions. (St. Basil, lib. de Virgin.)

  4. Confirm. Before Fr. Martin Malachi (actually he is a secret Bishop) died. He knew they were coming after him because they were about to fake the 3rd secret of Fatima. He whispered everything into “… ears.” “They pushed me downstairs while I sat on it, I was home alone… How they got in only the maid has the keys… and he was no longer bound to his oath and you know what he said about the 3rd secret “about the Apostasy Church and AntiPope…” Can’t say any more. Far more horrible and terrifying than what Fr. Kramer says here. Materially, and Spiritually collapsed entire the planet.

          • Because it will cause so many heads to fall off. THIS SENTENCE HAS BEEN REMOVED BY TONY LA ROSA. Don’t you know the TRUE CHURCH HAS BEEN PERSECUTED EVEN UNDER 1914 TO PRESENT?


              Purple, THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD explain in detail the information that you have claimed.

              Did you mean 1917?

              The fear you might have is the fear that has silenced so many people of GOD, of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH, and people of good will in this age in which we now live.
              Consider today especially that THE FEAR OF GOD is more necessary than ever before and this seems easy for me to say in this situation, but you are the catalyst for opening up the information; and, so it might be that you have fear, but maybe you should pray to have GOD strengthen you to do HIS WILL always and also HIS WILL to reveal what you know about what you have claimed.

              What GOD has revealed is, today, continuing to be hidden and removed, and destroyed, and forbidden as has been the third secret of FATIMA and so much more. Malachi Martin did not fully disclose the contents of the third secret because he claimed that he had taken an oath to not disclose it; however, the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, MOTHER OF GOD and OUR MOTHER wanted it to be disclosed for all of us to know.
              What more could be understood by a GOD LOVING and GOD FEARING person than to obey HER because SHE, OUR QUEEN of HEAVEN and EARTH, requires it? All that which concerns HER REVELATIONS regarding what SHE requires MUST BE REVEALED. Is this not correct? The opposite of this is disobedience to the maximum against the WILL of GOD. It is DISOBEDIENCE which has been committed both by commission and by omission in this respect.

              Again, Please explain why it is that you ”Can’t say anymore”. As far as your answer, ”Because it will cause so many heads to fall off.”, this is unacceptable on the level of what you have chosen to declare.

              GOD BLESS YOU.

            • Purple, you said ”He [Malachi Martin] was not made Cardinal. That’s a lie.”
              The ”lie” is always a possibility in these times in which we live today.
              This is why I asked for you to provide further information regarding what you have stated here.

              The information you declared on this post requires a good deal more truthful elaboration so that one can possibly discern that what you claim is true.

              Because you are ignoring the request to provide further information, this is troubling and begs the question of why this is a problem for you IF what you stated is the TRUTH?


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