Fr. David Hewko Laments over the State of the Resistance

In the sermon below, Fr. David Hewko rightly laments over the state of the Resistance.  He correctly points to the failures of the bishops of Archbishop Lefebvre and others.  However, one major cause that he does not point to is the fact that the Resistance, as a whole, has adhered to an antipope and the head of the Conciliar Church, Jorge Bergoglio, since 2013.  Fr. Hewko himself regularly, in his sermons, emphasizes “ex” Pope Benedict XVI, so Father is part of the problem.  Meanwhile, others and myself have tried to wake up the Resistance to the fact that Benedict XVI is the true pope but with little positive response from the Resistance clergy.  How can Our Lord bless the Resistance, as a whole, when it continues to adhere to Jorge Bergoglio as pope despite the evidence that he is an antipope?

Now many say that Pope Benedict XVI is a man of Vatican II, so he is not much different that Jorge Bergoglio.  Whereas it is true that Benedict XVI is a man of Vatican II, he is not a public manifest formal heretic.  The same cannot be said of Jorge Bergoglio.  He has shown himself beyond a doubt to be a public manifest formal heretic.  Fr. Paul Kramer documents some compelling pieces of evidence in his two volumes (thus far) of To Deceive the Elect to that effect.  The fact remains that Pope Benedict XVI is the one who has the charism of infallibility; he is the one with the power to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; he is the one with universal jurisdiction over the Catholic Church.  Until the Resistance accepts that Benedict XVI is the true pope, it will remain in a material schism and hence move sluggishly along.

Please keep in mind the gravity of schism.  It is a mortal sin, objectively speaking, against the theological virtue of Charity and the First Commandment.  The very act of a Catholic saying, “Francis is the pope of the Catholic Church,” is, objectively speaking, an act of schism.  Therefore, this is not a matter to be taken lightly.

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  1. Tony, I’ve been mostly away from SSPX going on 8 years since the 2012 election, “the silencing of the Lion, Abp Lefebvre. I find it interesting that this sheathing the Sword of the True Faith happened right before the the Masonic Bergoglio was stood up as Pope. Hmmm, perhaps the objective of infiltration of SSPX was merely to silence the last organized true Catholic threat (with the power of God) of countering Agenda 2021 and 2030. I surmise Deep Church had no intentions to regularize, just silence the Lion. It amazes me the resistance Bishops and most Trad priest are refusing to seek what the Father’s, Popes, and Saints spoke and wrote on the matter of the pontificate mess we are in today…as Father Kramer has well documented. Keeping there heads buried in the sand of false prudence has lead to the same passivity as the SSPX. Oh yes, the RBps and priest do speak out against Rome, though, as long as they remain blind to see what is clearly given to the Church in this crisis, they are more or less silenced the same. I pray Our King and Queen break the scales in their eyes soon and how Benedict is very much part of the Pope of Fatima to be killed soon in exile. Christ have Mercy!


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