Reports that Pope Benedict Is Dying

Pray for the Holy Father, Benedict XVI. If he dies, the Catholic Church will enter a period of sedevacante. Let us hope that the period will not last long. Fr. Paul Kramer believes that the period may last 24 months.

Reports that Pope Benedict is dying. The Pope is the Great Restrainer (Katechon) of 2 Thessalonians 2. Expect all hell to break loose with the Katechon – the Pope – gone.

3 thoughts on “Reports that Pope Benedict Is Dying”

  1. If +Benedict dies without releasing the 3rd secret pray tell who will? Fr. Kramer suggested a while back that without the secret told, the consecration of Russia would not occur because Our Lady was insulted it wasn’t released by 1960. ( the opinion of Fr. Michel).

    • I hold that Fr. Kramer is correct that the Consecration of Russia will not occur without first the release of the full Third Secret of Fatima. If Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t release it, then I don’t know who will. Perhaps it will be the Angelic Pope to release it.

  2. If Pope Benedict dies, the counterfeit church headed by antipope bergoglio will attempt to exceed all their evil thus far in attempting to advance their plot and plan to continue to
    seduce the multitudes as far away as possible from the TRUE CHURCH founded by JESUS CHRIST which is the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH of all time.

    GOD’S PLAN will stop the counterfeit church and stop the present enemies who are dominating and seeming to prevail for only a determined time in this age. GOD has revealed HIS PLAN which we see unfolding, and HE will, without a doubt, implement the restoration of the TRUE CHURCH according to HIS perfect wisdom and perfect timing as HE has revealed through the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, through the scriptures, through prophecies, and through HIS TRUE CHURCH down through the ages and in our times.

    Therefore, this evil age upon us now will usher in a most blessed time on earth throughout the entire world. THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART is our great hope and our sure promise which will be accomplished.



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