The Term “Resistance” Is Outdated and Inappropriate

We are now well past the tenth year since the neo-SSPX leadership betrayed the memory and mission of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre during the July 2012 General Chapter.  For more information, see this link.  The term “Resistance” and that which the term represents came into being as a response to that betrayal.  At that time, there was hope that many priests and faithful would fight back against that betrayal within the SSPX or leave the SSPX and fight from the outside.  However, that hope dwindled within a couple of years.  Now that we are 10 years plus into “resisting”, it is easy to see there will be no influx of people into the “Resistance” from the neo-SSPX.  I would say, rather, that many faithful who originally joined the “Resistance” went back to the SSPX.  Today we have to accept the reality that the neo-SSPX is part of the Conciliar Church along with other pseudo-Traditional groups, such as the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.  Therefore, I think the time to “resist” the neo-SSPX as if its members can still be coaxed to be a significant force for Tradition is gone.  To be honest, I think the time has long gone.  It is my opinion, then, that the term “Resistance”, at least what it currently signifies, is outdated.

There is something more, though.  Even if the term “Resistance” were to be defined more generally as a movement to counteract not only the neo-SSPX but the Conciliar Church in general, how can the term be appropriately applied when the greater part of the clergy and faithful who consider themselves part of the “Resistance” hold the antipope and head of the Conciliar Church, Jorge Bergoglio, as the pope of the Catholic Church?  In this respect, the “Resistance” has failed us for almost 10 years.  And now with the death of Pope Benedict XVI, some of these clergy and faithful will find it even more difficult to see Jorge Bergoglio as an antipope for the fear of being called (falsely) “Sedevacantists”.  As a matter of fact, I would not be surprised if some of the faithful who accepted Benedict XVI as pope now come to accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope for the same silly reason.

Given what I wrote above, I will no longer use the term “Resistance”, at least not in reference to my position in the current crisis.

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  1. The following are some choices for your review as appropriate names for the former “true resistance” : the new resistance, or the progressive resistance or the liberal resistance, or the heretical resistance, or the schismatic resistance.

    These names point to the truth that the term “true resistance” has become an outdated oxymoron since those who claim themselves to be members of it have defied and also trashed the historical true popes, fathers, theologians, saints, canon laws, and so forth of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic TRUE CHURCH of tradition in order to continue to recognize their apostate, publicly manifest, formal, heretic antipope bergoglio as their “Pope Francis” who was without any doubt invalidly elected from the 2013 anti conclave.

      • The need to distinguish for me, is simply a need to separate myself from ALL those who are seducing souls and all those leading souls astray. This includes blind and deaf traditional Catholics who have ears but do not hear and eyes but do not see as well self identifying so called Catholics such as bergoglio, biden, pelosi, fake a.b. moran, etc., etc., etc.
        In short, these exposed characters and/or experiences with these sort of characters have made me realize that there is the serious need to recognize and resist them.

        I also reject all the reprobates, heretics, apostates as much as possible. Father Skippy and his accomplices are a danger to the salvation of souls, even if he and they sometimes seem to be “nice people”.

        What always works is prayer, research, and help from those who provide sound evidence and teaching such as Father Kramer today and Archbishop Lefebvre in his time which always edifies.
        The responsibility is to find the TRUTH in order to recognize the TRUE CHURCH which is the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH as it was instituted by JESUS CHRIST and all the TRUE CHURCH teaching within salvation history.

        I also resist the reprobates, heretics, apostates as much as possible. Father Skippy and his followers and accomplices are a danger to the salvation of souls, even if he is a validly ordained priest, and he and they seem to be “nice people”.

    • I don’t like “Lefebvrian” because it is used by many in a derogatory sense. Also, that would not distinguish me from the so-called Resistance.

  2. What term will you use now to distinguish your position from the SSPX, Indult, 1958 Sedevacantists and the various other “Trad Groups”?

      • I think what is needed is a list of what positions are held by each group that is not held by the other groups, then from that list a descriptive name could be found. The problem is that each of these groups have many things similar, so it is not good to use the terms that each or many of the groups would fall under also. Rather focus on what makes each group unique.

        • 1. Hold the line of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.
          2. Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope.
          3. Papal succession goes through Pope Benedict XVI.

          • I do not think there can be a simple word to describe that position, it will have to be long:

            “Catholic maintaining Tradition as understood by Archbishop Lefebvre, without compromise while recognizing Papal succession goes through Pope Benedict XVI but rejecting antipope Jorge Bergoglio”


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