Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Has Disappointed Big Time

“while we see the division between those who deluded themselves that they still had a pope segregated in the monastery…”

Your Excellency, is Jorge Bergoglio the current true pope?  Yes or no or probably or probably not or I don’t know.  Please clearly give us your answer.  But for those of us that accepted Benedict XVI as the true pope until his death, you have disappointed us big time!

2 thoughts on “Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Has Disappointed Big Time”

  1. The information provided in the link that follows has had an impact on the disappointments relating to Archbishop Vigano; the disappointments have grown immensely for some time as A. Vigano has been and remains lukewarm as it occurs from his indications that bergoglio is pope possibly, maybe yes, maybe no, who knows, etc.
    The Link here opens up a mess of considerations and disappointments-


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