“So many ignorant and cowardly ‘Catholics’ would bow down in obedience to the devil, if he were clad in a white cassock; rather than apply some basic common sense in their judgment of conscience.

“These are the kind of people who are too cowardly to make a judgment of conscience; and prefer to blindly follow an authority figure. They will pay for their sinful, cowardly fear with hell fire — because what ultimately determines whether one will be saved or damned is how they made the proper judgments of conscience. One can seek to inform one’s conscience on the advice of another, but ultimately the law of God demands that we make a judgment of conscience and follow it. Those who deceive themselves by saying, ‘Who am I to judge?’, damn themselves. You cannot say, ‘this is for a future pope to judge’, while the vicar of Satan dressed in white cassock demands your submission, and the law of God demands you reject him.”

Wake up so-called True Resistance; wake up.

The Synodal Church Is a Counterfeit Church – Fr. Paul Kramer

As I have written more than once, since 2013 Jorge Bergoglio has been the head of the Conciliar Church. After Vatican II and before 2013 we had one pope over two churches, but since 2013 we have had one “pope” over the Conciliar Church. Benedict XVI was the pope of the Catholic Church and now the Catholic Church is in an interregnum. The Conciliar Church is morphing from a heretical sect to an apostate one. Once the formal schism occurs, it will be clear to sincere Catholics that Jorge Bergoglio is and always has been an antipope.  Deo gratias for those clergymen like Fr. Paul Kramer who realize this now and are protecting the faithful from that wolf.  I pray that the clergymen of the so-called Resistance will do the same, not just in resisting Jorge Bergoglio as they are doing now, but actually rejecting him outright as the head of the Catholic Church.