Dom Aelfred Graham, O.S.B., Repeats the Teaching of Pope Pius XII on Heresy and Separation from the Church

“Certain sins – viz., apostasy, heresy and schism – of their nature cut off the guilty from the living Body of Christ…..It can hardly be denied that those who take up any of these positions – most evidently is this the case with the deliberate apostate – sever themselves by their own act from membership of the Church.”
(The Teaching of the Catholic Church, Volume II, Arranged and Edited by Canon George Smith, New York, 1961, Fourteenth Printing, p. 708)

Did you read that, my friends? Heresy of its very nature separates a heretic from the Church. It is not the judgement of the Church that separates a heretic from the Church. This flies in the face of those who hold (heretically by the way) that one is separated from the Church for heresy only when the Church makes that judgement and not beforehand.

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