Rewind – Taylor Marshall and Ryan Grant on Heretical Popes

“With respect to Francis, short of overwhelming confusion, no reasonably well-formed Catholic can possibly fail to recognize that the man is a manifest heretic who has judged himself as one who must be avoided. No council or declaration is needed in order to reach this conclusion; sensus Catholicus alone more than suffices.”

Louie, I agree with your comment above.  Please tell it to the so-called Resistance.  Its members anticipate the Church’s definitive judgement on so many other issues (e.g., Vatican II, New Mass), but when it comes to Jorge Bergoglio, many of its members claim they must wait for the Church to decide.  Some its members even claim that Jorge Bergoglio would remain pope even if he himself were to admit that he knows what he teaches is in contradiction to Catholic dogma!

Taylor Marshall and Ryan Grant on Heretical Popes

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