The Synodal Church Is a Counterfeit Church – Fr. Paul Kramer

As I have written more than once, since 2013 Jorge Bergoglio has been the head of the Conciliar Church. After Vatican II and before 2013 we had one pope over two churches, but since 2013 we have had one “pope” over the Conciliar Church. Benedict XVI was the pope of the Catholic Church and now the Catholic Church is in an interregnum. The Conciliar Church is morphing from a heretical sect to an apostate one. Once the formal schism occurs, it will be clear to sincere Catholics that Jorge Bergoglio is and always has been an antipope.  Deo gratias for those clergymen like Fr. Paul Kramer who realize this now and are protecting the faithful from that wolf.  I pray that the clergymen of the so-called Resistance will do the same, not just in resisting Jorge Bergoglio as they are doing now, but actually rejecting him outright as the head of the Catholic Church.

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  1. No matter what, we should only PRAY for Pope Francis and his Good intentions. We must pray for his Conversion and not criticize him. He IS the Pope Heather we realize it or not.

    • I do pray for Jorge Bergoglio’s conversion, but you are deceived if you accept him as the true pope of the Catholic Church.

    • The heretic and apostate jorge bergoglio IS NOT THE POPE. Furthermore, he is a minion of satan, uncanonically elected and chosen by the enemies of JESUS CHRIST in order to attempt the destruction of the TRUE CHURCH which is the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH instituted by JESUS CHRIST.

      Many people who claim that bergoglio is the pope are in harmony with all the deluded ones of our times and the times throughout salvation history such as during the Arian crisis when most followed the heresies and the formal heresiarch and apostate priest, Arius.

      It is obvious that the so called false ”leaders” of our times include priests, bishops, cardinals, apostate antipope bergoglio, and so forth. Many are these leaders who are deceived and also who are deceiving those who follow them in blindness. The rhetoric which they speak lacks critical evidence to back up their claims, and oftentimes their followers are slothful in not doing diligent research to support or refute the claims of these leaders whom they follow and blindly believe. Nor do many persevere in prayer, especially the daily HOLY ROSARY in order to gain the TRUTH.

      The few such as Saint Athanasius who fought valiantly to follow the TRUTH as JESUS CHRIST and HOLY MOTHER CHURCH established were all persecuted, as this is also the same today. Catholics are being persecuted by infidels and their blind followers just as was done in the times of the Arian crisis and the Father Martin Luther Protestant revolution to mention just two. Father Kramer is in so many ways providing the TRUTH as did Saint Athanasius in his time.

      Those Catholics who claim even AGAINST ALL THE EVIDENCE that jorge bergoglio is the pope are not well-informed by any means in the TRUTH; however, sadly and misinformed as they are, they continue to remain convinced through all the deceptions of the counterfeit church and the counterfeit pope bergoglio. Also, those leaders whom Catholics had followed in ages gone by such as Father Martin Luther should speak to Catholics today as Catholics today are following leaders instead of the evidence and TRUTH.

      This evidence is GOD’S WILL being done through those who are HIS instruments throughout salvation history and also for our benefit today; and this includes Father Paul Kramer and ALL THE EVIDENCE that he has labored to provide for you and all Catholics in order to understand the TRUTH that you need to know.

      In addition, it would greatly benefit you to pray a 54 day ROSARY NOVENA in order to be given the light to understand the TRUTH. The daily HOLY ROSARY is a powerful weapon of our times. The BLESSED VIRGIN MARY has established that in our times, the HOLY ROSARY has been given a greater efficacy for souls.

      The MOTHER OF GOD who is also YOUR MOTHER will place you under HER care and answer your requests when you pray for GOD’S WILL and to know the TRUTH. If you are trusting and sincere in praying to receive the TRUTH, there is no doubt that you will receive it.


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