3 thoughts on “Rewind – A Heretic Is an Incapable Subject of the Papacy – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. It is disconcerting that Taylor Marshall’s book cover has in big letters ”POPE FRANCIS” with no quotations, no type of disclaimer, and no question marks along with the big letters on the book’s cover expressing THE TRUTH.

    That could be because the appeal is to a greater number of Catholics and other readers in regard to the selling greater numbers of books than otherwise if the book cover were to truthfully express that jorge bergoglio is NOT THE POPE and the TRUTH that ”Francis” is his stage name expressed in some way on the cover.

    Since the multitudes of Catholics and many others falsely believe that jorge bergoglio is the true pope, true vicar of JESUS CHRIST on earth, they are all therefore, being seduced. I believe it is a consideration that the big letters on the cover of the book are being used to seduce people to buy the book. In addition, instead of being shrewd as the wolves in attempting to attract readers and get his book into the hands of more people for reasons of instruction and edification, this is an error.

    EVERYTHING MATTERS in regard to TRUTH in our age pertaining to the TRUE FAITH and to everything else that is being placed before us in order to seduce even the elect. There is so much evil deception regarding what is presented as TRUTH and, in fact, which is actually FALSE that there is no right reason for accepting any more in any way because the confusion is already overwhelming.

    Multitudes of people have been seduced even by those of good will who claim that the man who is dressed in white and occupies the Vatican along with his accomplices who spew the lies and deceptions, who claim that they are ministers of JESUS CHRIST, that bergoglio is pope who are being led, dragged, and also pushed into believing that they can and should remain on the path that leads to hell rather than REPENT, CONVERT, and receive the gift of ETERNAL SALVATION. The danger to souls of believing that the deceptions being presented are the truth are seriously messing with the eternal consequences of the souls who are being misled; therefore, not dealing fully in TRUTH along with all the excuses that are devised are grave deceptions in themselves.

    The BIG letters POPE FRANCIS on the cover of that book is a BIG mistake.

    • Dr. Taylor Marshall holds that Jorge Bergoglio is pope, so I do not think he had “Pope Francis” placed in big letters to attract more book sales. However, of course, Dr. Taylor is wrong that Jorge Bergoglio is pope.

      • ALL the evidence that has been exposed concerning jorge bergoglio and most especially by Father Kramer in his excellent books, interviews, commentary, Fatima Center literature, and so forth that would/should lead all who are serious Catholics to diligently research the works of Father Kramer. This especially includes those who are in positions as Catholic ”influencers”’ and Catholic ”leaders” and Catholic ministers and Catholic faithful.

        The TRUTH that bergoglio is NOT THE POPE inspires the understanding that for perfect reasons GOD has blinded those who are in ”places of influence” as they continue to be accomplices to the delusional, blind, and seductive vatican 2 adherents and also the mainstream trad culture while its leaders and other influencers also seduce many Catholics to follow them and as the saying states they are the blind leading the blind.

        This book written by Taylor Marshal is beyond this point not worth the time of my engagement in the possible reasons for his blindness because the plain TRUTH is that there is most certainly a reason that GOD is keeping Taylor Marshal, those leaders, ministers, and other influencers from understanding the TRUTH.

        Whether each as an individual is slothful and unwilling to diligently research the TRUTH, or stiff necked in teaching their own ideas and not those of the TRUE CHURCH, or selling their own false narratives, or some other modus operandi, are some few possiblities. GOD KNOWS.

        THAT bergoglio IS NOT THE POPE is the discernible TRUTH, and the so called leaders and so called influencers and also ministers and faithful are in great error and these are seduced and are seducing others to also believe errors.



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