5 thoughts on “Francis Is Not Canonically Elected – Fr. Francois Chazal”

  1. At the height of the sorrowful position as ”Fr. Francois Chazal admits that Jorge Bergoglio is not canonically elected, but Father still accepts him as pope”, is the fact that Fr. Chazal is teaching and forming others to be priests in a seminary that he has in the Phillipines.

    Do you know if Father Chazal is the head of this seminary and whether the seminary is operational and continuing to form priests?

    If so, the multiplication of priests and their followers, and other faithful Catholics who would possibly be affected by this position of Father Chazal regarding the false position that bergoglio is ”pope”, will be of great harm to many souls. This is the reason that GOD provided so much to be definitively understood about the present times in which we now must discern according to TRUTH that bergoglio is NOT THE POPE.

    In addition, THANKS BE TO GOD, Father Kramer has provided the complete evidence for Father Chazal and ALL who need to discern and fully understand the TRUTH.

    There was a time when Father Kramer was active in the Phillipines. Also, there was some sort of connection/collaboration with Fr. Kramer, Fr. Chazal, Fr. Hewko, Fr. Pfeiffer, Bishop Williamson, and others in Boston, Kentucky. Perhaps,Tony, you know this better than most others due to your excellent research in persevering to expose the PROBLEMS REGARDING Boston Kentucky and a particular man named moran. The point in bringing this up is that it seems that this situation dissolved for certain reasons, but the fact is that Father Kramer remains the only one who teaches and provides the undeniable TRUTH in every way about Antipope bergoglio. There seems to be NO REASON, humanly speaking, for every other one of these other Fathers to be unable to come to the knowledge of the TRUTH.
    On behalf of their own souls and the many souls whom they influence, may GOD bless them all with the light that they may be TRUE SHEPHERDS in this time of great evil which is being satanically carried out by ANTIPOPE bergoglio along with his cabal/mafia of accomplices both inside the counterfeit church of satan and outside.

    As always throughout salvation history, GOD REMAINS FULLY IN CHARGE.

  2. We should write to him and ask for further explanation. If this good father leaves it with this, this would be scandalous for the faithful.

  3. We can never have too many [or enough] blind so called leaders tripping over themselves whom GOD has given the light and have decided to outright reject it.


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