1 thought on “Rewind – The Deism of Jorge Bergoglio – Fr. Paul Kramer”

  1. GOD BLESS FATHER KRAMER. Father Kramer is a continuous refreshment in the TRUTH in a world of leaders that teach against the TRUTH.

    GOD has laid bare and has had HIS ONE and ONLY CHURCH, the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH declare for all times throughout salvation history ALL that we are to believe in order to guide the Catholic faithful.

    In our times, FATHER KRAMER is our SAINT ATHANASIUS who is leading us safely in these evil times.

    MANY/MOST leaders are passing around their own FALSE opinions about bergoglio to any who will listen while their followers who succumb to these leaders are being gravely misled. These leaders are shamefully teaching in opposition to the TRUE CHURCH on that which is easily discernible regarding ANTIPOPE/COUNTERFEIT/DESTROYER bergoglio. The TRUE TEACHING has been revealed through the TRUE CHURCH which JESUS CHRIST has instituted. Father Kramer follows the TRUE TEACHING and reveals it in every way with undeniable evidence. BUT, the sheople continue to follow these leaders who lead them astray.

    This scenario is a repeat of the times in which Saint Athanasius fought the good fight in his times. Leaders misleading their followers is nothing new under the sun.


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