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  1. It is obvious through all the available evidence regarding Fatima, that our assent of FAITH is justified in all that has been proved that is the TRUE FATIMA message revealed to us.

    One perfect example is the miracle predicted several months in advance by the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY. The MIRACLE OF THE SUN itself is undeniable according to all the evidence.

    The FRUITS and other TRUE FATIMA messages PROVIDE an abundance of TRUTH that lead souls

    1. to pray the daily Holy Rosary,

    2. to understand that hell is a place that is populated with damned souls,

    3. to confirm that all the doctrines, dogmas, and teachings of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC,and APOSTOLIC CHURCH are those of the TRUE CHURCH,

    4. to be edified that GOD is in charge, and HIS WILL is the TRIUMPH of the IMMACULATE HEART which is our hope and promise and which will, without doubt, be accomplished,

    5. to stand firm in FAITH and all that leads one’s soul to eternal salvation,

    6. to practice the first Saturday devotion,

    7. to reject all the false teachings and all the false leaders who masquerade as angels of light and plot and plan to implement communism throughout the world,

    The lies and deceptions related to Fatima, are also discernible through evidence; and so many of the lies and deceptions come from the vatican 2 counterfeit church of satan and his children within. Who would/could expect otherwise?!?!? The vatican 2 counterfeit church is NOT THE TRUE CHURCH INSTITUTED BY JESUS CHRIST; and those counterfeit ministers within it are those who have lied and deceived the souls for whom the FATIMA MESSAGE was given.

    The evil of satan and his minions WILL NOT PREVAIL, and the evildoers within the counterfeit church of satan including bergoglio and his accomplices will be stopped according to GOD’S perfect wisdom, perfect plan, and perfect timing. The minions of satan also include those globalists who now temporarily appear to dominate in their agenda to own and rule the world in our present age. Their time is running short, and today we are FAITHFULLY one day closer to the TRIUMPH of the IMMACULATE HEART.

    In GOD’S OWN WORDS from Genesis 3:15, ‘’ I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.’’

    THANKS BE TO GOD, the tireless devotion of Father Gruner [ R I P ], along with the efforts and work of Father Kramer, that the evidence leading to the TRUTH is known.

    Father Nicholas Gruner always referred to this following teaching in the Bible pertaining to Fatima.
    1 Thessalonians 5 : 20 -21 [Douay Rheims BIBLE]

    20 Despise not prophecies.

    21 But prove all things: hold that which is good.

    Below are the notes in Haydock’s Catholic Commentary, 1859 edition-
    Ver. 21. Prove all things. That is, examine prophecies whether they be true, and the doctrine which you hear from new preachers, and refrain yourselves not only from evil, but from every thing that hath the appearance of evil, and which may disedify and scandalize others. (Witham) — Hold that which is good. This we can best learn from the doctrine of the apostles, and the spirit of the Catholic Church. Men can deceive and be deceived, but the Spirit of God, speaking to us by his Church, can neither deceive us nor be deceived.

      • As follows-

        Dictionary definitions
        assent= to agree or concur
        justified= shown or proved to be just, right, or reasonable

        ”that our assent [to agree or concur] of FAITH is justified [shown or proved to be just, right, reasonable] in all that has been proved that is the TRUE FATIMA message revealed to us.”

        • Excuse me for my slowness, but I am still not 100% clear. Do you mean that the prophecy of Fatima may be believed with the “assent of Divine and Catholic Faith”?

          • The doctrinally sound TRUE FATIMA messages are discerned according to and through Catholic FAITH along with prayer; and so, to assent, meaning to agree or concur is shown to be justified meaning just, right, and reasonable regarding the TRUE FATIMA messages.

            All that was revealed through the supernatural apparitions in 1917, and all that relates to the further unfolding of the TRUE Fatima messages through the years can be understood, thanks to our Catholic FAITH.

            As Father Kramer states above that ”assent of faith is not required per se for salvation. . . but there are serious consequences for disbelieving such an eminently credible supernatural revelation.”

            The sensus Catholicus which follows from FAITH and also the evidence regarding the TRUE FATIMA messages is what the soul recognizes; thereby, this enables the proper discernment, right reason, and right judgement. Prayer is also a very important means of help in all times including times of discernment. This is always true.

            FAITH is not about feelings; FAITH is about TRUTH.

            Does this explanation help?


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