Rewind – Point / Counterpoint 1: Verrecchio Responds

“A formal heretic is cut from the body of the Church and no longer among its members. In order for a man to be pope (head of the body), however, he must be a member of the body. On this all agree.

“And yet, JST is suggesting that an undefined period of time can pass (as the ‘declaration of the Church’ is awaited) when such a man can at once be a formal heretic in ‘very fact’ (a man cut from the body of the Church) and the pope (head of the body).

“Clearly, this is an offense against right reason since a thing cannot be and not be at one and the same time. No amount of explanation can possibly overcome such an obvious contradiction. Keep this well in mind as we proceed as the ‘law of non-contradiction’ is going to factor heavily in this discussion.”

Point / Counterpoint 1: Verrecchio responds

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